Investment Overview

Broad developed markets ex-U.S. research index strategy offering exposure to companies that meet Calvert Principles for Responsible Investment.
Calvert's Principles seek to identify companies that operate in a manner consistent with:
     – Environmental sustainability and resource efficiency
     – Accountable governance and transparent operations
     – Equitable societies and respect for human rights
Designed to closely track the Calvert International Responsible Index which is derived from the largest 1000 companies in the non-U.S. equity markets
Overall Calvert philosophy and approach guided by the Four Pillars of Responsible Investing (see below)

Portfolio Construction

Define an eligible universe by applying the Calvert Principles of Responsible Investment across approximately 200 peer groups using over 300 Key Performance Indicators to measure ESG performance
Neutralize sector variances by over/underweighting sector weights to more closely align with the starting universe
Portfolio of approximately 750 holdings that are reconstituted annually and rebalanced quarterly

Investment Team

Thomas Seto

Portfolio Manager

26 years of industry experience

2 years at Calvert

BS, University of Washington

MBA, University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Jade Huang

Portfolio Manager

13 years of industry experience

12 years at Calvert*

BA, University of California, Berkley

MA, Johns Hopkins University

Christopher Madden, CFA

Portfolio Manager

19 years of industry experience

15 years at Calvert*

BS, BA Indiana University
*Years at Calvert include years at Calvert Research and Management (CRM) and years at Calvert Investment Managements (CIM).



MSCI World ex USA Index (Primary)
Calvert International Responsible Index (Secondary)


Calvert Research and Management is an SEC registered investment adviser and wholly owned subsidiary of Eaton Vance Management.