Investment Overview

Customized capital preservation solutions including U.S. Government, Prime, Cash Plus and non-U.S. Dollar cash strategies
Employ liquidity tiers differentiated by investment horizon and volatility of cash flows to provide an opportunity to enhance return
Proprietary fundamental research underpins our investment process and results in a formal approved list of eligible issuers
Disciplined process combines early detection of issuer instability with sell triggers to protect against downside risk

Portfolio Construction

Begin with a view of the client’s liquidity needs differentiated by investment horizon and volatility of cash flows
Establish risk budget for each liquidity tier, on either an absolute or relative basis
Allocate risk to decisions / sectors in proportion to expected yield
Monitor issuers for potential price instability or deterioration using proprietary tool that tracks credit default swap and equity price volatility
Adjust allocation among liquidity tiers in response to client’s changing cash flow projections

Investment Team

Tim Robey, Vice President and Portfolio Manager

18 years of industry experience

6 years with Eaton Vance

BS, Bentley University



Varies by strategy