Investment Overview

A flexible approach to investing beyond benchmarks and across the full spectrum of emerging markets debt.
Investment team of 40+ professionals focus on country-level analysis in conjunction with associated risk factors.
Investment universe of greater than 100 countries.
Country-pickers approach with flexibility to invest across local and external, sovereign and corporate exposures.
Sharpe Ratio: 0.5-1.0

Portfolio Construction

Bottom-up portfolio construction by country and risk factor in conjunction with top-down risk measurement.
Individual positions assessed through analysis of country fundamentals, risk factor valuation, portfolio fit, and expected liquidity.
Developed market interest-rate risk (U.S. and German) and currency risk (EUR/USD exchange rate) are hedged.

Investment Team

Marshall Stocker, PhD, CFA

Managing Director, Co-Head of Emerging Markets

Joined investment management industry in 1999

Joined Eaton Vance in 2013

PhD, Universidad Francisco Marroquin

MBA, Cornell University

BS, Cornell University

Akbar Causer

Managing Director, Portfolio Manager

Joined investment management industry in 2005

Joined Eaton Vance in 2017

MBA, Harvard Business School

BA, University of Pennsylvania

Brian Shaw,CFA

Executive Director, Portfolio Manager

Joined investment management industry in 2007

Joined Eaton Vance in 2008

MBA, University of Chicago

BA, Vanderbilt University



Benchmark: J.P. Morgan EMB (JEMB) Hard Currency/Local currency 50-50