Investment Overview

Our investment team adheres to a traditional value approach that emphasizes high-quality, defensible franchises within a risk-aware framework.
We emphasize bottom-up, fundamental research.
Our focus is on companies we believe have strong business franchises and the potential for attractive earnings and dividend growth, yet sell at discount valuations.
We seek to limit risk and control emotion throughout the investment process.
A strict sell discipline helps to protect capital by remaining objective.
Target excess return: 300-500 basis points.
Target tracking error range: 400-800 basis points.

Portfolio Construction

25-45 stocks in the portfolio
Largest position can be up to 300 basis points above the largest benchmark position
Maximum sector weight variance of 5% relative to Russell 1000® Value Index
Cash typically kept to less than 5% of the portfolio

Investment Team

Edward J. Perkin, CFA
Portfolio manager
23 years of industry experience
4 years at Eaton Vance
BA, University of California, Santa Barbara
MBA, Columbia University
Aaron Dunn, CFA
Portfolio manager
19 years of industry experience
6 years at Eaton Vance
BS, University of Arkansas
MBA, University of Texas


Benchmark: Russell 1000® Value Index