Investment Overview

The strategy employs a top-down, rules-based approach that emphasizes broad exposure and diversification among emerging- and frontier-market countries, economic sectors and individual issuers
A structured approach with systematic emphasis on small- and mid-sized markets, as well as underrepresented economic sectors that realizes a potential for higher growth with lower return volatility
Target weights are designed to tilt the portfolio away from the highest market concentrations
Focus on tax management with a low level of portfolio turnover, hold stocks for the long term, attempt to avoid net realized short-term gains, and sell stocks when appropriate below trading costs to realize losses
Systematically rebalance to avoid buildups and reduce portfolio concentration

Portfolio Construction

Portfolio holdings typically range from 1,000 to 1,600
Diversified across as many as 45 countries
Sector weights generally kept to .75x to 4x the index weight

Investment Team

Thomas Seto, Managing Director, Portfolio Manager, Parametric Portfolio Associates LLC
25 years of industry experience
17 years with Parametric
BS, University of Washington
MBA, University of Chicago
Paul Bouchey, CFA, Portfolio Strategist, Parametric Portfolio Associates LLC
23 years of industry experience
10 years with Parametric
BA, Whitman College
Jodi Wong, Portfolio Manager, Parametric Portfolio Associates LLC
18 years of industry experience
11 years with Parametric
BA, Columbia University
CAS, Harvard University
MBA, University of Washington


MSCI Emerging Markets Index