Investment Overview

Customized solutions that seek to produce competitive yields with low volatility of returns without sacrificing liquidity
Invest in broad range of short- to intermediate-term securities to extend duration beyond traditional cash management vehicles
In-house fundamental and quantitative research underpins investment process, helping identify stable and improving credits and avoid weak and deteriorating credits

Portfolio Construction

Portfolio construction driven by sector allocation, interest rate management, and security selection
Establish risk budget based on client’s liquidity profile, investment horizon, risk tolerance, return objectives and tax constraints
Allocate risk to decisions / sectors in proportion to expected returns, themes, conditions, and macroeconomic outlook
Monitor issuers for potential price instability or deterioration using proprietary tool that tracks credit default swap and equity price volatility

Investment Team

Tim Robey, Vice President and Portfolio Manager

18 years of industry experience

6 years with Eaton Vance

BS, Bentley University

Maria Cappellano, Vice President and Portfolio Manager

20 years of industry experience

20 years with Eaton Vance

BS, Northeastern University



Bloomberg Barclays 1-3 Year U.S. Government/Credit Bond Index