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Picture of Edward Perkin, CFA

Edward Perkin, CFA

Chief Equity Investment Officer

Eddie Perkin is a vice president of Eaton Vance Management and chief equity investment officer. He is responsible for all equity disciplines at Eaton Vance. Additionally, he serves as lead portfolio manager of Eaton Vance’s large-cap value strategy. He is responsible for buy and sell decisions, portfolio construction and risk management for the firm’s large-cap value equity portfolios. View Full Bio
Picture of Eric Stein, CFA

Eric Stein, CFA

Co-Director of Global Income

Eric Stein is a vice president of Eaton Vance Management, co-director of global income and portfolio manager in Eaton Vance’s global income group. He is responsible for leading the entire 55-person global income team with investment professionals based in Boston, London, Frankfurt and Singapore, as well as for making specific buy and sell decisions and overall portfolio construction. View Full Bio
Picture of John Streur

John Streur

President and Chief Executive Officer, Calvert

John Streur is president and chief executive officer for Calvert Research and Management, a wholly owned subsidiary of Eaton Vance Management specializing in responsible and sustainable investing across global capital markets. View Full Bio
Picture of Payson Swaffield, CFA

Payson Swaffield, CFA

Chief Income Investment Officer

Payson Swaffield is a vice president and chief income investment officer of Eaton Vance Management. He is responsible for all income disciplines at Eaton Vance, including investment-grade and high-yield bonds, floating-rate loans, global fixed income, municipal bonds and customized solutions for institutional and retail accounts. View Full Bio
Picture of Susan Brengle

Susan Brengle

Managing Director, Institutional

Susan Brengle is a vice president of Eaton Vance Management and managing director – institutional. She is responsible for the firm’s institutional business in North America, directs institutional relationship management efforts outside of the U.S. and oversees institutional business activities in the U.S. for Hexavest, Inc., an Eaton Vance-affiliated investment manager based in Montreal. View Full Bio


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  • Defined contribution plans
  • Endowments and foundations
  • Insurers
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