Investment Overview

The Calvert International Small/Mid-Cap Strategy offers exposure to a broadly diversified portfolio of high quality, non-U.S. small- and mid-cap companies meeting our responsible investing principles.

Investment Philosophy

We focus on three definable inputs - Quality, Valuation, and Time (QVT). Our focus on quality drives a preference for well-entrenched franchises with durable and scalable business models, typically benefitting from either structural growth (compounders) or structural change (improvers). We believe a disciplined combination of quality in a reward-to-risk framework with a long-term mindset can uncover sources of alpha in the broad and inefficient small cap universe.

Investment People

8 person team with an average of 14 years experience located in Boston, London and Tokyo
Supported by the broader Calvert equity group with over 501 investment professionals
Analyst-driven process with collaborative culture
High levels of accountability, with distinct lines of responsibility


Structured to implement our philosophy in a disciplined and repeatable reward-to-risk framework
Portfolio exercises ensure team ownership, encourage collaboration, and test biases
Ensures all research adds value - working list, wish list, research library
Clearly defined portfolio construction and risk management parameters

Portfolio Construction

100-150 Holdings
Quality/core bias
Alpha driven by bottom-up stock selection
Positioned for capital preservation in addition to capital appreciation

Investment Team

Aiden M. Farrell

Director of Global Small-Cap Equity and Team Leader

22 years of industry experience

2 years at Calvert



MSCI EAFE Small/Mid Cap Index


Calvert Research and Management is an SEC registered investment adviser and wholly owned subsidiary of Eaton Vance Management.