Investment Capabilities

We bring institutional clients seasoned experience in fundamental bottom-up and top-down investing, global macro investing, rules-based and responsible/ESG investing.

Fixed Income

Active management, in-depth fundamental research and downside risk management are at the core of our fixed-income approach. Specialized sector teams calibrate risk and reward as we strive to meet the unique objectives of each institutional client.


We offer actively managed U.S., international and global equity strategies that include top-down and bottom-up approaches for a full range of market capitalization and investment styles. Our equity approach is centered on pursuing risk-adjusted long-term performance to help institutions meet their objectives.

Quarterly Equity Outlook

Picture of Edward J. Perkin, CFA

Article published byEdward J. Perkin, CFA

Chief Equity Investment Officer

Eaton Vance Management


Alternatives can play a powerful role in institutional portfolios as they offer the potential to enhance diversification, lower portfolio volatility, provide incremental income and improve risk-adjusted performance. We offer absolute return strategies, a commodity strategy and option overlay strategies.

Eaton Vance Global Macro Absolute Return Advantage Strategy Paper

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Article published byBradford Godfrey

Director of Alternative and Asset Allocation Strategies

Eaton Vance Management

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Article published byMatthew F. Murphy, Jr., CFA, CAIA

Vice President and Institutional Portfolio Manager

Global Income Group

Eaton Vance Management