Investment Overview

The strategy seeks diversified growth across market sectors by investing in emerging, established, and evolving growth companies in the U.S.
Bottom-up stock selection is the primary driver of excess returns, with every position evaluated in the context of reward vs. risk
Employ differentiated research to identify growth outliers - stable companies with the ability to adapt and evolve
We look for companies with: large addressable markets, unique products or services, high profitability, and strong management teams
Typical average annual turnover range: 40% to 80%.

Portfolio Construction

Typically hold 60-80 positions
Sector weights +/- 500 basis points vs. the Russell 1000® Growth Index
Maximum position size equal to greater of 5% or plus 2% above the largest benchmark weight
Cash is typically held to less than 5% of the portfolio

Investment Team

Douglas Rogers, CFA, CMT

Executive Director, Portfolio Manager

Joined investment management industry in 1999

Joined Eaton Vance in 2001

BS, University of Florida

BS, US Naval Academy



Benchmark: Russell 1000® Growth Index